Play it safe and help protect your investment by getting a Chimney Cap put on, Call Today!

We offer a wide variety of chimney caps and covers. We have standard chimney caps in stock or we can create a custom cap specially for your home. We offer chimney caps in either Stainless Steel or Copper, which are rust and weather resistant and look beautiful both new and old.

Having a chimney cap is very important aspect of chimney maintenance. The main reason for a chimney cap is too keep out the water. Water is the biggest cause of chimney deterioration which leads to either chimney repair or rebuild. By keeping the water out you will help in the longevity of the chimney’s life. Other reasons for a chimney cap are to keep sparks and embers from landing on the roof and catching the house on fire and to keep animals from building nests. We have found birds nests, squirrel’s nests, bats and raccoons who have made homes out of our customers’ chimneys.

If you don’t currently have a chimney cap, or yours is in disrepair, call us today at Chimcare Masonry Portland!