We do big and small repairs, so whatever your case may be we can help! We specialize in the following chimney repairs

– Chimney Rebuilds – Tuck-Pointing – Crown Repair – Flashing Repair – Waterproofing – Fireplace Repair – Firebox Repair – Hearth Repair

Guide for fireplace repair

Chimcare Portland Masonry is the best company to handle your fireplace repairs so you can  enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a nice fire inside your home with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your chimney is in its best form. If you think your chimney is in need of repair, call us at Chimcare Portland Masonry as soon as possible! Neglecting your chimney will cost you more in the long run and pose a serious safety hazard.

Though there are some chimney repair projects an experienced DIY homeowner can handle, many jobs require a professional eye for masonry or creosote removal, or specialized tools in order to really do the job right. If you need chimney repairs, Chimcare Portland Masonry is happy to consult on projects with you, and also to execute the repairs ourselves. We have some of the most experienced professionals in the Portland area, and you’ll be glad you brought us in for the job!

We excel in the repair of loose mortar or bricks, chimney flashings, debris or creosote removal, and water leak repair. Water leaks are one of the worst results of bad chimney maintenance and can cause serious structural damage to your home, such as rotting beams or a sagging frame or roof. If you have a water leak, it usually is due to faulty chimney flashing and the flashing repair must be done as soon as possible. Another source of a water leak could be from mortar falling out of the joints of the chimney. If the mortar between the bricks is bad you will need what’s called “tuck-pointing,” which is where you grind out the mortar joints and refill them with new mortar and possibly new bricks.

Another possible cause of water damage is an absent or ineffectual chimney cap at the top or the chimney stack, which allows water to enter the chimney, settle behind the back wall, and erode it away. If you see cracks inside your firebox, particularly on the back wall, you are likely experiencing water damage for lack of a chimney cap. Sometimes we can do a minor firebox repair, other times we will have to rebuild the firebox. When in doubt have a fireplace professional and expert evaluate your fireplace.

If the fireplace is allowing smoke into the room, you should call a repair service immediately, as this indicates great potential danger. It is possible you have a problem with your flue, which is especially common in older homes, or there is debris blocking the channel of your chimney which can catch fire, igniting the creosote in your chimney and causing a chimney fire.

If you want to be able to enjoy your chimney during cold months and get the most out of your wood heat while also being certain your family and home are safe, call us at Chimcare Portland Masonry for all your chimney repair needs!