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Chimney Cleaning Service Portland Oregon – Importance

If you have a chimney in your home, it’s crucial that you have your chimney cleaned regularly. Too many people only realize they need their chimney cleaned after it starts functioning improperly. For your chimney to be as safe and efficient as possible, you should have your chimney cleaned annually, or even more often if you use it as a primary heat source for your home. And if safety and efficiency aren’t motivators enough, remember this: most insurance companies will deny your damages claim after a chimney fire if you don’t clean your chimney regularly. So protect your family and your investment, with Chimcare Portland Masonry chimney sweeping!

If you’re considering cleaning your chimney yourself, it certainly can be done, but most homeowners do a bad job, don’t clean their chimney adequately, and make a huge mess in their living rooms. Do you have the proper chimney cleaning equipment? Do you know what you are doing? How will you clean the smoke shelf area? How will you remove all of the creosote from behind the back firebox wall? After considering these questions, most homeowners determine that it’s best to call a professional chimney sweep to do the job right.

Cleaning the creosote that is built up in the fireplace throughout the year is not an easy job. The chimney sweep will need to be very careful and have the proper chimney cleaning tools handy while performing their tasks. The professional chimney cleaning will take all the necessary precautions to protect their health as well the health of the people in the surrounding area. If proper care is not taken while chimney cleaning, soot and debris can come out of the chimney and can cause respiratory problems. Not to mention the effect soot might have on your carpet or furnishings! This is why it’s so important to hire the right chimney service. 

At Chimcare Portland Masonry, we also offer a warranty on our chimney cleaning services. After we leave your home, if you discover that any part of the chimney is left un-cleaned, the job will be done for free. The services offered by these professionals are insured as well so, you can be assured of the safety of loved ones.